Seriös Group Pioneers Metaverse Meetings To Boost Collaboration And Creativity

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We're excited to announce that our Newcastle-based data and test solutions company, Seriös Group, has recently rolled out the metaverse for our business operations. Our employees now use hi-tech Meta-Quest headsets to facilitate virtual reality (VR) internal and client meetings.

For those unfamiliar, the metaverse is a 3D VR space where users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users. Each user creates an avatar, which enables interaction within the metaverse environment. With the help of Horizon Workrooms, Meta's immersive virtual offices and bespoke environments can be created, ranging from boardrooms to beaches.

Following in the footsteps of corporate giants using the metaverse, such as BMW, Nokia, and Bosch, we pride ourselves on our focus on transformation and new technologies. We believe metaverse meetings are an excellent way to boost employee engagement, collaboration, and innovation.

The move to VR is part of what is known as 'spatial computing' or 'mixed reality', where merging digital and physical realities transforms how we live our personal and professional lives. In fact, 2024 is expected to be the year of spatial computing, with tech firms such as Apple, Google, and Samsung about to release new mixed-reality technologies.

As our Seriös One platform specialises in data consolidation and analytics to unlock the full potential of enterprise data, immersive environments like the metaverse are incredibly helpful in visualising and overseeing client projects.

Our team is now using metaverse meetings daily, working from bespoke VR environments to discuss the latest project updates and holding workshops for new innovative ideas.

The next step is to implement the metaverse with our clients, with all new clients receiving headsets as part of their partnership engagement with us. Holding client meetings in virtual reality will streamline communications and collaboration between clients and our project teams.

Speaking about the rollout, our Chief Executive, Lee Rorison, said, "We've had a remarkable growth trajectory since opening our doors in 2020, and the creativity and collaboration amongst our team has been integral to that success. As you'd expect from a business focused on data, many of our team are technology enthusiasts, and there was a huge level of excitement for this metaverse rollout. Since introducing VR, feedback has been excellent, with staff saying the impact on their work has been incredibly positive."


Lee's reflections are echoed by those on the Seriös Group team, like Test Analyst Charlotte Wharton: "When talking in groups, you can face and look at people, so it feels a lot more personal, especially when working collaboratively on projects from home. Being able to do multi-screen work inside the meeting rooms with your keyboard visible and having the desk whiteboard to write quick notes on during meetings are great features."

Ingrid Sorenson, Data Analyst, adds: "The use of avatars means you feel like you're in the room with colleagues, rather than just faces on a screen. Presentations and discussion tend to flow much more smoothly too, and overall meetings are more engaging than video calls."

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