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Unify your business and unlock the full potential of your data.

The One platform turns enterprise and IoT telemetry data into powerful insights, analytics, and dynamic solutions.

How does the One platform work?

Use cases
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Enterprises require ERP, CRM and Operational systems to operate day to day. The One platform collects and integrates data from these systems, bringing together functions such as Finance, HR, Procurement, Sales, Marketing, Engineering & Maintenance.


Enterprise data and IoT sensor streams are consolidated by the One platform in their raw form into a central data lake repository.


Consolidated data sets are cleansed and sorted by the One platform into logical groupings by business use case and sensor type. Associations with master data sets such as properties in your portfolio occur at this stage.

Unify and Access

The One platform unifies data from across your enterprise through automation and machine learning, producing well architected intuitive data models, helping you make smart business decisions. Data models are made available for direct access, enabling integration with analysis and business intelligence tools of your choice.


Pre-built dashboards in the One platform provide powerful business insights and analytics, enabling the ability to analyse your business operations and facilities in near real time, helping you improve decision making and reduce costs across your organisation.  

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