Seriös Group 'well and truly exceeded growth expectations'

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The managing director of Seriös Group, which was founded in 2020, has told Insider Media of how it has exceeded its growth expectations and revenue targets with its data analytics tools that could help businesses become more sustainable.

The Newcastle-based company provides data services for predominantly corporate businesses and Paul Davison said that, throughout 2021, it 'well and truly exceeded our growth expectations'.

He said: "We have actually met our revenue targets, and exceeded them."

The company works with large regional clients such as Sage, as well as having clients across the country and in Poland.

Davison outlined plans to grow the business into the IoT market, alongside looking to expand more in the smart building space by providing data that will allow facilities management companies to proactively monitor kit and manage overheads.

He said that the businesses can fit sensors in to areas of their buildings and Seriös will update them with live data.

He explained: "A lot of people aren't going in to the office on Mondays and Fridays, so we can provide data from movement sensors that informs clients that nobody is using the toilets- therefore do you really want to send your cleaners out when it hasn't been used?

"These lights are on on this floor, but actually the movement sensors are telling us there's nobody in there so let's switch the lights off."

He added: "It's all the small efficiencies that will hopefully create more efficient buildings as well as reducing carbon footprint.

"When you implement this across your whole estate, those savings can add up to huge amounts of money."

Seriös  is also looking to tap into the production market in the new year by providing businesses with data that can detect faults which will, ultimately, stop delays and save time and money.

Davison outlined that recruitment is also on the cards in the coming year to keep up with demand.

He said: "Our original business plan was that by the end of year two, which is February 2022, we would have grown to a head count of ten and we are currently at a headcount of 16."

The company is now scaling up with plans to increase its headcount to upwards of 50 in five years, with Davison noting that he is already on the lookout for people to recruit. 

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