The Benefits of Attending a Tableau User Group

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So, you’re thinking of attending a Tableau User Group but are still on the fence as to whether they would be of any use? Don’t worry, I had similar reservations before attending my event. Between organising travel arrangements, navigating a city you may not know too well, the suitability of the speakers, and taking up your evening. It might be hard to justify it. Fret not, this blog post will highlight some of the benefits of attending such an event, what to expect, and why it will be worth your while.   

What are They? 

Tableau User Groups usually meet once a quarter. They can be held virtually or in-person and cater to data heads of all skill sets. So, whether you’re just starting you analytics journey or looking to expand on your skill set and network; Tableau User Groups are a space for growth, support, connection, and inspiration.   

These User Groups are hosted all over the world, and I’ve left a handy link below if you’d like to find one near you:  

Or, if you’re looking to connect with people in the Northeast, there is an event coming up in March you can RSVP to:  

So, what are some of the benefits, I hear you ask? 

1. Learn and Grow 

The #1 reason people come to Tableau User Groups is to learn to do more with their data. With a whole host of speakers from different industries, you can refresh your application of Tableau with skills you’ll want to take home with you and put to use. These can include some themes like Dashboards and Design, Data Management, Embedded Analytics, Tableau at Scale among others. There is something for everyone in an environment that encourages learning and growth regardless of your Tableau knowledge. You can even use some of the skills for other BI reporting software. 

2. Gain Key Insights about Industry Trends and Innovations 

Tableau User Groups are where people come to ramp up their analytics proficiency and speed up becoming a data expert. Whether it’s storytelling with data, data literacy as a skill or any number of topics lighting up the business intelligence space, come to Tableau User Group to hear about how Tableau is being utilised in different industry spaces. 

You'll hear from peers in your field—financial services, healthcare, education, and more—who will be leading sessions that cover specific examples of how they're building data culture, handling change management, deploying Tableau, adding value in unique ways, and achieving success.  

3. Develop your Career 

If you attend, you’re most likely taking the time away from work and your families to invest in yourself. This investment in your data skills will not go unnoticed. Data skills are in high demand and proficiency and knowledge are one way to heighten your career. This can have specific focus on your personal development where you can nurture your skills as a data analyst and add additional experience to your CV when you are looking for a new position. 

Take what you learn from the Tableau User Group and immediately apply it back at the office and add even more value to your organisation. You'll have new Tableau tips and tricks to solve problems faster than ever, be more efficient, and help your team be more efficient as well. 

4. Connect with other Data Enthusiasts 

Attending an in-person event is a great way to build your network and finally get back to meeting people after 2 years of Teams/Zoom calls. Tableau User Groups are a place to connect with data people just like you. The community is diverse, inclusive, and passionate about helping others. Connect with others and discover inventive solutions to common challenges together. 

Not only that but In-Person events often include food and beverages, so on top of everything else, you get some freebies too! 

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