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We deliver data analytics, business intelligence and reporting solutions by applying innovation to industry standard methodologies and processes.

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We listen to the data to find the areas you can succeed

Technologies are agnostic to our approach as we focus on both industry standard and innovative methodologies to help our clients achieve the desired end result to help them move their business to the next level.

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Data Engineering

Our data engineering expertise will help you collect, manipulate, transform and store your data for a variety of business use cases. Data is on a constant transformational journey as it moves through an analytics platform, and we are experts in the data pipeline methodologies used throughout the process.

Data Architecture

Well architected data gives you the foundations to be able to analyse your data efficiently, intuitively and in line with your business processes. We can help you understand and structure your data appropriately to help you make sense of it all, as well as setting standards and governance for your data at the same time.

IoT Analytics

The ‘Internet of Things’ are becoming more and more important for organisations to help them reduce costs and understand things like space utilisation and equipment maintenance requirements. We are experts in consolidating and aggregating IoT sensor data to make identifying those all important cost saving insights as simple as it needs to be.

BI & Reporting

Business Intelligence & Reporting tools provide the rich visualisations required to effectively report on and analyse your data day to day. We can help you bring your data to life. Being able to access data that is otherwise locked away in an analytics platform gives you the ability to make better informed business decisions.

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We offer expert support and service to all of our clients

Involve the whole team

Our aim is to work in partnership with our clients and take them on the journey with us. We appreciate that having in house skills and expertise will contribute to the success of your solutions. That’s why we work with your team and upskill them while we’re delivering.

8 weeks or less turnaround

Leading edge enterprise analytics solutions don’t need to take months or years to deliver. We guarantee to deliver a fully tested, value-add production ready cloud analytics solution in 8 weeks or less, without compromise on best practice design for enterprise scale.

Support and maintenance

We offer support for the solutions we have worked with you to build, or general consultancy support across our core service lines ‘Data Architecture & Engineering’, ‘Business Intelligence & Reporting’ as well as ‘Test & Quality Assurance’. Our support plan provides easy access to our expertise when you need it the most.

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We work together with our clients to make a difference

“Seriös Group deliver. Combining technical expertise with innovation and a relentless focus on the voice of the customer; through true collaboration they have supported our organisation to deliver world-class Business Intelligence solutions that have delivered tangible return on investment and benefit to the business.”

Simon Beaumont Global BI Director – JLL

“I have been seriously impressed by Seriös Groups attention to detail and their superb customer service. Within six weeks they not only set up a new data warehouse, but also provided us with excellent documentation to underpin their work. It is a pleasure to be working with them, their knowledge and experience is second to none.”

Ella Worsdale Head of Business Intelligence – Integral UK
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If you like what you’ve read so far then just wait until you speak to us and find out what we can really do for your business! Our best of breed data solutions combined with an outstanding test capability means you need have no doubts about the quality of the data you’re basing critical business decisions on.

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